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Review: A Million Suns (Book Two in the Across The Universe trilogy ) by Beth Revis

Note: If you haven't read the first book in this series, ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, this review will be containg spoilers!

First words
After reading ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, I have been incredibly eager to read A MILLION SUNS! The last book left us with so many unanswered questions and mysteries, that I couldn't put off reading this from the moment I got it home!

So, what's it about?"

Trapped on board the spaceship Godspeed, Amy trusts no one."*

The ships old leader, Eldest, is dead, and Elder must step forward and take charge as the Eldest. However, others on board disagree, and a rebellion is threatening to take over ship . . .

Amy is desperate to help Elder as he tries to take control, but she is caught it a race to  uncover the secrets of Godspeed, leading to an unthinkable result . . . before Godspeed is overcome food shortages, anger and turmoil.

"Only one thing is certain. They have to get off this ship."*

Thoughts and opinions
As in ACROSS THE UNIVERSE,  I'm in love with the ship and ideas behind Godspeed. Once again, this story captured me from the first page and quite literally took me to a different universe.

Before I start to completly gush about this book, I will point out the one negative and the one thing I've heard the most comments about in the first book. That's Elder and Amy.

We left them after Amy had found out that is was actually Elder to un-freeze her, and therefore he is the reason she is awake and alone without her parents. In the last book, Amy and Elder were never quite together, yet it felt they weren't exactly apart either. However, it's clear to everyone, that Elder wants to be more (though, he really could do with out the distraction!), but Amy isn't so sure. The 'not-there-but-not-not-there' relationship continues in this book, but you'll have to read it yourself to see if they finally realize their feelings and get together.

Again, I think the romance is a secondary plot, so I try not to judge it to harshly, and actually, I kind of enjoyed it in this book.

Now for the rest of the story - I LOVED it! I defiantly prefer this story to the first - even though that to was incredible! Now that the Feeders of the ship are off the drug Phydus, (the drug that kept them calm, happy and serine), a rebellion is threatening against Elder and the system. There are so many implications from this, as well as Elder having to step up at the age of sixteen and act as Eldest. 

However, again, there is another murder, but this time the people think that it's Elders way of showing authority. There is no frexing way that I could of guessed who the murder was! Once again, Beth Revis is a complete master of disguising the murderer and it left me completely breathless! 

In A MILLION SUNS, we also lean more about Godspeed and the mission itself, learning all the secrets that Eldest had been keeping from Elder the whole time. Again, not in a million years would I have guessed what the biggest surprise of the whole book turned out to be!

Something I want to mention, but also something that will most likely make sense until you have read it, is a page just over 1/2 through the book. Oh. My. Goodness. Ingenious! Made it seem so real, and wonderful and it was such a beautiful idea!

Final verdict

Breathtaking, suspense filled and twisting and turning every single step of the way, this is an incredible installment in this exiting trilogy!

About the author 
A MILLION SUNS, the second book in the Across The Universe Trilogy, is Amy Revis's second book. Her debut novel was the start of this series, ACROSS THE UNIVERSE. The final book in the trilogy, SHADES OF EARTH, is due to be released in May 2013!

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