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Review: Fateful by Claudia Gray

First words

As soon as I saw that this story is set upon the Titanic, I was so exited to read it! I'm also a huge fan of books set in the 1800's, to early 1900's, so this was high on my 'to-read asap' list!

So, what's it about?
"One wants her dead, the other wants her heart. The ocean wants them all."*

Tess has served the Lisle family since the age of thirteen - but she doesn't want to settle for being a lady's maid for ever. 

The perfect opportunity to escape comes in the shape of a ship... the america bound Titanic. Boarding with the Lisle's, with her mind made up to quit as soon as they dock, Tess couldn't begin to imagine what is waiting for her and every single soul upon the 'unsinkable' Titanic...

But the ice-cold waters of the Atlantic ocean isn't the only danger that awaits her. On board, are two strangers following her every move with eyes like wolves - and on a ship, there are only so many places you can hide before you are found. 

Thoughts and opinions
Firstly, this is a book to be read late at night, hidden beneath the sheets, preferably with a torch. It really is wonderful. 

Everyone knows the heartbreaking and tragic journey that the Titanic makes, and so the whole book is read with baited breath, waiting for the sinking to start. Because everyone will know that that happens, it's safe for me to talk about it. It is written absolutely beautifully, capturing the fear, panic and horror as water starts to flood into the ship. I was reading this chapter at about one o'clock in the morning with rain hammering the window, and myself buried deep into my duvet. It was like watching it all play out in front of my eyes, and I kept getting images of the film Titanic  bouncing into my head, only making the words on the page seem even more real...   Incredibly captivating. 

Tess is sweet, humorous at times, and generally a very likable character. She is set on escaping to a new life as soon as they land in America, and I find her determination wonderfully admirable! She has a definite sense of right and wrong, and I think she struggles with this through out the book. She has to try and stay her place as a third class passenger and member of society, yet as the passage progresses, situations occur and she starts finding herself stepping out of line and chanlenging those boundaries.

Then, there's the unreachable, unattainable, rich, handsome Alec. While her employer, Lady Regina, is trying to marry her daughter off to him (or any suitable man she can), Alec is busy hiding a burning secret. From the first chapter, and probably the blurb as well, it's not that hard to guess what that secret is, but then again, I don't think that his secret is the biggest factor in the story. It's more about the options he has, and the choices he'll have to make, as well as his relationship with Tess. I actually really like Alec's father as well; he seems like such a lovely character, I'm glad for the part he plays in the story.

Tess is in danger from the moment she boards the ship, and it turns out she isn't the only one. The nice thing is that it isn't actually Tess that is in danger, but something she has access to/ what she knows. I like this because it's more like she is in this by accident, which adds another dimension to the whole story, especially her relationship with other characters.

Obviously, this book is set over a short period of time, but every second is filled with action. Usually, such a book would put me off, because any romance, or any relationship, feels rushed and unobtainable, but this didn't feel that way at all. 

Final verdict
Imaginative, breathtaking and heart pounding, this is a wonderful story by Claudia Gray. Crossing history and the paranormal works so well, and this definitely sticks it's head above the crowd! 

About the author
Claudia Gray, is the author of the EVERNIGHT series, as well as recently the novel BALTHAZER which features one of the characters from the main books.

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*Quote taken from the blurb of FATEFUL. 

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