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Review: Clockwork Angel (Book One of The Infernal Devices) by Cassandra Clare

First Thoughts
I found THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS completely brilliant, but for some unknown reason, I kept putting off starting THE INFERNAL DEVICES. I'm completely kicking myself now - I loved every single page, and can not wait to get my hands on the next book in the series!!

So, what's it about? 
"Magic is dangerous - but love is more dangerous still."*

It's Victorian England, and a ship is docking from New York. On it, is sixteen-year-old Tessa Gray waiting to meet her brother, but when she arrives, she is kidnapped and forced to practice powers she never knew she had.
Suddenly rescued by Will, alone and afraid, she takes refuge with the Shadowhunters - those who hunt demons. Here she learns about the Downworld; a place of vampires and warlocks and a whole array of other supernaturals.
As she learns more about the world she is quickly tumbling deeper and deeper into, she starts to feel something for two boys who are as close as brothers... But she's being hunted. Someone wants her. And her powers.

Thoughts and opinions
Because I'd already read THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS, I'm familiar with the world of the Shadowhunters and the Downworld, and it was one I've been itching to return too.
The difference is that this series, has been set at a much earlier date than the first. I'm a huge lover of stories set in the Victorian era for a number of reasons. So, the first, and the biggest, is how relationships had to be conducted in order to be 'proper'. Character A cannot simply fall into bed with B and then pretend that nothing happened; okay, yes, they could but the implications are much higher than that of those set in current times. For relations to develop to that respect, marriage has to (/should) happen, which again adds all sorts of boundaries to cross in itself. Small touches and words seem to carry more weight, with small things such as calling people by their first name, or even more so shortening their first name, means a lot.
Onto the characters! The majority of the book is following Tessa, (although it does swap to others at times, especially towards the end,), who is wonderful! She's witty and quick, and the comebacks that expire between herself and Will do cause some real laugh out loud moments!
Will is also an incredible character. He's painted as the 'dark moody' kind of guy, but he's very quick witted with it, and is a constant source of amusement. From the first few chapters, he fast shot up on my list of favorite male leads, simply from the way him and Tessa bounce off each other.
For readers of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS, a familiar face makes his appearance, and I was so happy to see him here, being his usual self, and it's clear that he's staying through the next book at least!
The last few chapters were really intense, and there's no way at all I would have seen those twists coming from a mile away! It's a complete cliff hanger at the end, and I'm hoping I can pick up a copy of CLOCKWORK PRINCE (the second book in the series) really soon!

Final verdict 
Beautifully written and crafted, this is a must for any paranormal romance lover! Victorian London is the perfect setting for this intense tale, and it will leave you waiting and wishing for your next fix of Shadowhunters!

About the authorCassandra Clare has also written a sister series called THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS, the sixth and next book of which is out in September 2014.  The third book of THE INFERNAL DEVICES is out in March 19th 2013! A third series of books featuring the Shadowhunters is due out in 2015 called THE DARK ARTIFACTS! THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS is currently under casting for the movie that is on the way!

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*This quote is taken from the prologue of CLOCKWORK ANGEL. 

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