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Review: The Bermudez Triangle by Maureen Johnson

First words
When I found this book, I was actually looking for a different book by Maureen Johnson. I picked this book up instead when I couldn't find the other, but was slightly skeptical because of the pink and purple overly girl cover that adorns my copy (Note: it's not the one in the picture here!). However, once again I'm glad that the cover is the last thing I judge a book by, because it was actually brilliant!

So, what's it about?Nina, Mel and Avery - The Bermudez Triangle.

Best friends, inseparable from the age of 11, but when Nina leaves for the summer to go on a pre-college course, that changes.

When Nina returns, (with a eco-geek for a boyfriend), her two best friends are acting strange. They no longer want to do everything together with Nina, yet she can't figure out why.

Then she catches them in a changing room . . . and they're kissing.

"It used to be a triangle, but now three's a crowd."*

Thoughts and opinions
Well, I can think of more than a few books I've read that focus around, or at least have secondary characters that are gay, yet a much fewer that are lesbian. I feel books like this are so, so, so important to have, especially when we're seeing it from three different peoples point of view. Not only does this book deal with coming out, discovering sexual identity and the views of society on homosexual relationships, it also shows the struggle behind the relationship, and the fact that in that respect and so many more, it's like any  heterosexual relationship.

Also, as well as seeing it from both Mel and Avery's point of views, we follow Nina as she discovers their relationship,  and how it feels to be the odd one out, when your best friends start going out. Nina doesn't have it all easy either - she's dealing with having a long distance relationship, and also keeping up with her position as head of the student council.

Also, I want to give a mention to Parker, who works at a restaurant along with Mel and Avery. Basically, I love him. He's sweet, funny and kind - but I'll let you learn how he fits into the story yourself!

The only thing that ever annoyed me in the story, is a couple of choices Nina makes about her relationship. Really though, that's completely personal, and a different reader may feel that they understand the final choice she makes.

The pacing of this book is, of course, brilliant, as is the writing style. I always sit down with a book by Maureen Johnson and then don't get up again before I'm finished! She manages to keep humor and laughter right on the surface, yet can quickly change in an instant to deal with the more serious and difficult scenes.

Final verdict
Incredibly funny, yet highly thought provoking, this book doesn't shy away from the confusion and conflict surrounding a homosexual relation ship. It highlights the love that can bloom between best friends, and the ways in which love can change the dynamics of friendship, both between those in the relationship, and those who surround it.

About the author
Maureen Johnson has written nine YA books, including 13 LITTLE BLUE ENVELOPES and THE NAME OF THE STAR. She has also written short strories along with other YA authors, for the collections VACATIONS FROM HELL and LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW.

Visit her website at:
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Follow her on twitter: @maureenjohnson

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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Review: Rapture by Lauren Kate

*Warning: This review will contain spoilers for the previous books in the series!* 

The Fallen Series: 
Book One: FALLEN
Book Three: PASSION
Book Four: RAPTURE

First Words
RAPTURE, is the last book in the Fallen series, and in a way I have been putting off writing up this review because now this is it, and the series is officially finished! I've really enjoyed this series over the past few years, and while I feel it's had its had its ups and downs, overall this defiantly my favorite collection of books around fallen angles!

So, what's it about? "The sky is dark with wings . . . and time is running out for Luce and Daniel."*

In order to stop Lucifer from erasing the past, Luce, Daniel and Cam, along with everyone else, must find the place where the fall began.

Finding the place where the fall began will be hard, the answers are lost in the past and they'll have to search hard if they are to find them in time.

But they only have nine days - nine days it will take for Lucifer and the rest of the fallen angels to fall from Haven to earth.

As dark forces gather, great sacrifices are about to be made in this final battle.

"In the fight for Luce, and for love, who will win?"*

Thoughts and opinions I'm a huge lover of this series, and after the twists of PASSION, I was super exited to read RAPTURE.

(Note: Before you read this book, I recommend going back and reading PASSION, as the plot is quite complex and mixed with the previous book!)

Firstly, to the characters. Luce has defiantly developed as a character as the series has gone on, and there are a few times in RAPTURE where she must really toughen up. Now that she can remember things from her previous lives, her and Daniel can share memories of there old lives together, which are always enjoyable to read about! Daniel stays the same as he always has, and his love for Luce does shine through in this story. Together, I think they are brilliant.

We finally learn in RAPTURE the reason Daniel fell, and also the reason behind the curse. This was just brilliant! There is so much more I want to say about this, but I really can't, although I will say how much more it makes me accept, believe in and finally understand the love that sparks between Luce and Daniel.

I struggled a little with the pacing, and there were parts at the start and in the middle that I felt were a little slow, and also a little repetitive. However, these are easily shadowed by the rest of the story, and the intensity that increases as it progresses!

Final verdict 
Tense, action packed and a final twist that will leave you speechless, this is a incredible end to the outstanding Fallen series!

About the author Rapture is Lauren Kate's sixth book. On top of the previous books in the Fallen series, there is also a novella of love stories surrounding the characters in Fallen, named FALLEN IN LOVE. Her debut novel was THE BETRAYAL OF NATALIE HARGROVE.

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*This quote is taken directly from the blurb of RAPTURE.

Review: Struck by Jennifer Bosworth

First WordsThis was a book that I picked up when I was in the YA section of the bookshop. I was drawn in by the name, STRUCK, then the cover captured my attention and then with addition of a short but amazing synopsis on the back - I was hooked!

So, what's it about? 
"My name is Mia Price and I am a Lighting Addict. I want the lightning to find me. I crave it like lungs crave oxygen. Nothing makes you feel more alive than being struck."*

In a world full of natural disasters, Mia Price and her family moved to Los Angeles where the lighting rarely strikes. But now a devastating earthquake has transformed the city into a place full of chaos and danger.

With a younger brother to look out for, and a mother now suffering with Acute Distress Disorder, Mia is left to look out for the whole family.

But now two rival cults are competing for power . . . and both of them want Mia.

With the stunning yet mysterious Jeremy warning her to stay away from the both of them, should she actually be staying away from him?

Mia is about to discover that she is a part of something bigger than she could have ever imagined. . . and she's going to have to give everything if she's going to use her power to save them all.

Thoughts and opinions 
I wanted to love this book, I really did! I think, maybe, I went into it with expectation that were too high, because in a few places I found it a little disappointing.

But first though, lets look at the good points! I thought the concept - that Mia is addicted to lightning - completely brilliant! It's such a unique idea that for a while, the concept of it had me glued to the page and rapt with interest. There were some brilliant scenes, and certain parts were packed full of action, and towards the end the intensity really raised and I found myself reading through really fast so I could see what happened!

The characters where all pretty solid, although at the start I did struggle with reading Mia's voice, because she comes across to me as rather a harsh character. It took me a while to settle into it, but once I had, it did flow nicely.

The problem I had with this book most of all, was Jeremy. Now, I like Jeremy and the romance, because I always enjoy things that aren't randomly spontaneous. That was good, and nice, and I really do love Jeremy as a character. However, I had guessed who he was from before he was even introduced to us or Mia. Which, to be honest, ruined one of the biggest plot twists nearer the end of the book. I thought the hints through out were glaringly obvious, and I would have liked to have had the element of surprise contained for much longer!!

The pacing was okay in this book, it wasn't especially fast, yet it wasn't especially slow either. However, I felt that while many things happened in this book as I was reading it, as soon as it ended, it was as though nothing has really happened at all!

Final verdict 
A unique idea, that only just falls short of its overall potential! Still, an engaging and exiting read, while predictable in places, over all still a book full of excitement.

About the author 
STRUCK is the first novel by Jennifer Bosworth. No news yet on any future publications!

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*This quote is taken directly from the blurb of STRUCK. 

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Review: A Million Suns (Book Two in the Across The Universe trilogy ) by Beth Revis

Note: If you haven't read the first book in this series, ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, this review will be containg spoilers!

First words
After reading ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, I have been incredibly eager to read A MILLION SUNS! The last book left us with so many unanswered questions and mysteries, that I couldn't put off reading this from the moment I got it home!

So, what's it about?"

Trapped on board the spaceship Godspeed, Amy trusts no one."*

The ships old leader, Eldest, is dead, and Elder must step forward and take charge as the Eldest. However, others on board disagree, and a rebellion is threatening to take over ship . . .

Amy is desperate to help Elder as he tries to take control, but she is caught it a race to  uncover the secrets of Godspeed, leading to an unthinkable result . . . before Godspeed is overcome food shortages, anger and turmoil.

"Only one thing is certain. They have to get off this ship."*

Thoughts and opinions
As in ACROSS THE UNIVERSE,  I'm in love with the ship and ideas behind Godspeed. Once again, this story captured me from the first page and quite literally took me to a different universe.

Before I start to completly gush about this book, I will point out the one negative and the one thing I've heard the most comments about in the first book. That's Elder and Amy.

We left them after Amy had found out that is was actually Elder to un-freeze her, and therefore he is the reason she is awake and alone without her parents. In the last book, Amy and Elder were never quite together, yet it felt they weren't exactly apart either. However, it's clear to everyone, that Elder wants to be more (though, he really could do with out the distraction!), but Amy isn't so sure. The 'not-there-but-not-not-there' relationship continues in this book, but you'll have to read it yourself to see if they finally realize their feelings and get together.

Again, I think the romance is a secondary plot, so I try not to judge it to harshly, and actually, I kind of enjoyed it in this book.

Now for the rest of the story - I LOVED it! I defiantly prefer this story to the first - even though that to was incredible! Now that the Feeders of the ship are off the drug Phydus, (the drug that kept them calm, happy and serine), a rebellion is threatening against Elder and the system. There are so many implications from this, as well as Elder having to step up at the age of sixteen and act as Eldest. 

However, again, there is another murder, but this time the people think that it's Elders way of showing authority. There is no frexing way that I could of guessed who the murder was! Once again, Beth Revis is a complete master of disguising the murderer and it left me completely breathless! 

In A MILLION SUNS, we also lean more about Godspeed and the mission itself, learning all the secrets that Eldest had been keeping from Elder the whole time. Again, not in a million years would I have guessed what the biggest surprise of the whole book turned out to be!

Something I want to mention, but also something that will most likely make sense until you have read it, is a page just over 1/2 through the book. Oh. My. Goodness. Ingenious! Made it seem so real, and wonderful and it was such a beautiful idea!

Final verdict

Breathtaking, suspense filled and twisting and turning every single step of the way, this is an incredible installment in this exiting trilogy!

About the author 
A MILLION SUNS, the second book in the Across The Universe Trilogy, is Amy Revis's second book. Her debut novel was the start of this series, ACROSS THE UNIVERSE. The final book in the trilogy, SHADES OF EARTH, is due to be released in May 2013!

Visit her website:
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Follow her on Twitter @BethRevis

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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Review: The Clockwork Prince (Book Two of The Infernal Devices) by Classandra Clare

*This review will contain spoilers if you haven't read the first book in the series, THE CLOCKWORK ANGEL!* 

First Words
I completely fell in love with THE CLOCKWORK ANGEL, and am not ashamed to admit I squeaked in joy when I saw this book waiting on the shelves!

So, what's it about?
"Love and lies can corrupt even the purest of hearts..."*

Deep in the magical underworld of Victorian London, Charlotte and Harry Branwell have a limited time before the Counsel removes them from head of the Institute. After the attack from the Enclave on the vampire de Quincy, killing him and his followers that where there, and the attack on the Institute where two servents died and Tessa was nearly kidnapped, they are challenged with finding Mortmain. But they only have two weeks to do it.

Will is busy helping to track down Mortmain; he's hoping that the man will be able to lead them to the Magister - giving Tessa the answers about her whole existence, and Will the freedom from his secrets. But this alone isn't enough for him, and he seeks the help of Mangus Bane to rid him of his secret once and for all.

Tessa finds herself drawing closer and closer to Jem, despite her longing for Will, and after her brother betrayed her, she is at a loss with what to do.

Time is running out, and lies are being held in every corner . . . with someone betraying them from the inside, who can they trust?

Thoughts and opinions
I've been dying to talk about the romance in this book since the moment I turned the final page, so for once I'm going to start here!

Jem. Will. Jem. Will. Jem. Wi- Okay, I'm sure you get the picture. Usually, when there is a love triangle, I have a clear favorite. The one that is the obvious choice, the one that she is obviously going to end up with. This isn't like that. I genuinely love both of the boys.

Will has his fair share of problems, and is in no way treating Tessa like someone should if they are in love. However, in this book we do learn the reasons behind Will's behavior, and through this revelation we see a very different side of Will. By the end of the book, while still holding onto his unmistakable whit, he becomes a much nicer character, but still stays enough 'bad-boy' if that's why you fell in love with him!

Jem on the other hand. . . Well. these boys couldn't be more opposite. Also, lets not forget that the drug that Jem needs to keep himself alive, is slowly killing him. Tessa is confused by her feelings for Jem, but  then he is incredibly sweet and kind. There is a huge twist by the end of this book, and I didn't expect it to come quite so soon, but I am SO, SO intrigued to see what happens in the next book!

As always, Cassandra Clare's writing style is second to none, and as the action picks up, it flicks quicker and quicker between the different characters point of view. Unlike some books, where you start to favor one voice over another, here each voice is as anticipated and enjoyed as the next.

I love that Magnus Bane is a part of this book, and we see more of him here than we did in CLOCKWORK ANGEL. Towards the end of the book Jessamine has a larger role to play, although I think it's possible a little obvious, but maybe that's just because now I have read it, it all makes perfect sense that she would do it.

The plot is solid and complex, Will's secret is incredibly intriguing, and it's incredible what he's done to keep it, him and everyone else safe.

What I love most about this, is while the romance is a key part of these series, the world of the Shadowhunters is one that is so detailed and complex that the romance only adds to it. If you were to take it away, this is still an incredible world that has been created.

Final verdict
Thrilling, action packed and surprising, this book reaches the same incredible level that we have come to expect from the exceptionable Cassandra Clare.

About the author 
Cassandra Clare has also written a sister series named THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS, sixth and nect book of which is out in September, 2014. The third book of THE INFERNAL DEVICES is out on March 18th 2013! A third series of books featuring the Shadowhunters is due out in 2015 called THE DARK ARTIFACTS!

THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS movie is currently being cast which is extremely exiting!

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*This quote is taken from the blurb of CLOCKWORK PRINCE. 

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Review: Fateful by Claudia Gray

First words

As soon as I saw that this story is set upon the Titanic, I was so exited to read it! I'm also a huge fan of books set in the 1800's, to early 1900's, so this was high on my 'to-read asap' list!

So, what's it about?
"One wants her dead, the other wants her heart. The ocean wants them all."*

Tess has served the Lisle family since the age of thirteen - but she doesn't want to settle for being a lady's maid for ever. 

The perfect opportunity to escape comes in the shape of a ship... the america bound Titanic. Boarding with the Lisle's, with her mind made up to quit as soon as they dock, Tess couldn't begin to imagine what is waiting for her and every single soul upon the 'unsinkable' Titanic...

But the ice-cold waters of the Atlantic ocean isn't the only danger that awaits her. On board, are two strangers following her every move with eyes like wolves - and on a ship, there are only so many places you can hide before you are found. 

Thoughts and opinions
Firstly, this is a book to be read late at night, hidden beneath the sheets, preferably with a torch. It really is wonderful. 

Everyone knows the heartbreaking and tragic journey that the Titanic makes, and so the whole book is read with baited breath, waiting for the sinking to start. Because everyone will know that that happens, it's safe for me to talk about it. It is written absolutely beautifully, capturing the fear, panic and horror as water starts to flood into the ship. I was reading this chapter at about one o'clock in the morning with rain hammering the window, and myself buried deep into my duvet. It was like watching it all play out in front of my eyes, and I kept getting images of the film Titanic  bouncing into my head, only making the words on the page seem even more real...   Incredibly captivating. 

Tess is sweet, humorous at times, and generally a very likable character. She is set on escaping to a new life as soon as they land in America, and I find her determination wonderfully admirable! She has a definite sense of right and wrong, and I think she struggles with this through out the book. She has to try and stay her place as a third class passenger and member of society, yet as the passage progresses, situations occur and she starts finding herself stepping out of line and chanlenging those boundaries.

Then, there's the unreachable, unattainable, rich, handsome Alec. While her employer, Lady Regina, is trying to marry her daughter off to him (or any suitable man she can), Alec is busy hiding a burning secret. From the first chapter, and probably the blurb as well, it's not that hard to guess what that secret is, but then again, I don't think that his secret is the biggest factor in the story. It's more about the options he has, and the choices he'll have to make, as well as his relationship with Tess. I actually really like Alec's father as well; he seems like such a lovely character, I'm glad for the part he plays in the story.

Tess is in danger from the moment she boards the ship, and it turns out she isn't the only one. The nice thing is that it isn't actually Tess that is in danger, but something she has access to/ what she knows. I like this because it's more like she is in this by accident, which adds another dimension to the whole story, especially her relationship with other characters.

Obviously, this book is set over a short period of time, but every second is filled with action. Usually, such a book would put me off, because any romance, or any relationship, feels rushed and unobtainable, but this didn't feel that way at all. 

Final verdict
Imaginative, breathtaking and heart pounding, this is a wonderful story by Claudia Gray. Crossing history and the paranormal works so well, and this definitely sticks it's head above the crowd! 

About the author
Claudia Gray, is the author of the EVERNIGHT series, as well as recently the novel BALTHAZER which features one of the characters from the main books.

Visit her website:
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*Quote taken from the blurb of FATEFUL. 

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Review: Fallen by Lauren Kate

First words
I first read FALLEN back in 2009 when it came out. Now that the last book, RAPTURE, has been released, I've decided to re-read the whole series so I can do it justice! I haven't read FALLEN for a year or so now, but it's been like meeting up with an old friend that I haven't seen for a while, then suddenly realize how much we get on!

So, what's it about?
"Some angels are destined to fall..."*

When Luce arrives at Sword & Cross, a reform school by order of the court, it's a far cry from her old private school at Dover. But Luce doesn't belong here - at least that's what she says. However ... after the accident last summer, no one believes her.

Luce soon catches the attention of the charming Cam, and with his dark hair and green eyes, he's a welcome distraction from her new life . . .

Then she sees Daniel. From the moment their eyes meet, Luce feels like she knows him from somewhere . . . not just that, but these feelings she has for him . . . why does it feel like this has happened before?

Thoughts and opinions
First, before the story has even begun, is a quote that has stayed with me since the first time I opened the book.

"But paradise is locked and bolted ... We must make a journey around the world to see if a back door has perhaps been left open."

Heinrich Von Kleist, 'On the Puppet Theater.'

What a perfect idea this is on its own. Even more so when you read it from the context of Luce or Daniel, and realize that it's true for them too.

This entwined love story is beautiful, dark and twisted all at once. It's complicated and seemingly destined to fail, yet you can't help but feel a sense of hope. Sometimes, a story where love, or at least extremely strong attraction, seems to come on very quickly, and from not a lot, can feel wrong and unexplained. This does not. Luce is, yes, interested in Daniel from the start, but I think she is also intrigued by him, and not just because she 'likes' him. 

Luce is written from third person, but it such a way, most of the time I forget and I feel like I'm reading in first. I really feel for Luce and the things she goes through, and, so far I really like her as a character. She has her funny moments, and she doesn't act stupidly and get herself into danger for the sake of it! I love the way that she has had the shadows for a long time, and that she figured out how to pretend everything is normal so that her parents stop sending her to shrinks. I think we have all done things like that in out lives, (I know I have anyway!) and it makes Luce much more accessible to be understood. Another thing I really enjoyed, is how we don't find out all the information all at once in one big sitting. It leaks out from the start; the thing that happened in the summer; the way she recognizes Daniel; it really captures your attention and keeps you hooked until the very end!

For the start of the book, we only really see Daniel from the distance (but not so in the distance it's in any way boring at all!) , so I'm actually going to start with Cam. In some respects, it's hard to make Cam out. He's the dark haired, green eyed boy with smooth words and shameless flirting. You start to think maybe he's not so bad actually maybe he's okay after all ... well I let you read the book to learn whether he is or not!

While Daniel is mentioned lots in the first half of the book, him and Luce don't really start talking properly until the story has progressed a little but more. This actually works well, as it gives Cam's character a chance to develop further. As Luce and Daniel start to grow, we learn more about him and why there's a connection between him and Luce. (Sorry, this is all quite vague, but I don't want to ruin the plot in any way, and so if I don't do that, there's lots of things I can't say!) It's nice to have a change, and have the lead male as someone with blond hair instead of the usual dark and mysterious type that likes to haunt this genera, especially surrounding things such as fallen angels.

Final verdict
Intriguing, darkly romantic, with a forbidden love that's stronger than time, FALLEN is an incredible start to a thrilling series.

About the author
THE BETRAYAL OF NATALIE HARGROVE was the first novel by Lauren Kate.   FALLEN is her second book and the first in the Fallen series. Next is, TORMENT, then PASSION and the final book is RAPTURE. A book named FALLEN IN LOVE is labeled book 3.5, and is a collection of love stories set in the world and people surrounding Luce and Daniel.

A FALLEN movie is in pre-production, and the screen play is currently being written, with author Lauren Kate involved in a consulting capacity. Disney optioned the rights to the series in 2010.

Learn more about Lauren Kate at her website:
Check out the FALLEN website: /
Follow her on Twitter: @laurenkatebooks
Or, like the series on FaceBook:

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*This quote is taken from the blurb of FALLEN.