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Review: The Bermudez Triangle by Maureen Johnson

First words
When I found this book, I was actually looking for a different book by Maureen Johnson. I picked this book up instead when I couldn't find the other, but was slightly skeptical because of the pink and purple overly girl cover that adorns my copy (Note: it's not the one in the picture here!). However, once again I'm glad that the cover is the last thing I judge a book by, because it was actually brilliant!

So, what's it about?Nina, Mel and Avery - The Bermudez Triangle.

Best friends, inseparable from the age of 11, but when Nina leaves for the summer to go on a pre-college course, that changes.

When Nina returns, (with a eco-geek for a boyfriend), her two best friends are acting strange. They no longer want to do everything together with Nina, yet she can't figure out why.

Then she catches them in a changing room . . . and they're kissing.

"It used to be a triangle, but now three's a crowd."*

Thoughts and opinions
Well, I can think of more than a few books I've read that focus around, or at least have secondary characters that are gay, yet a much fewer that are lesbian. I feel books like this are so, so, so important to have, especially when we're seeing it from three different peoples point of view. Not only does this book deal with coming out, discovering sexual identity and the views of society on homosexual relationships, it also shows the struggle behind the relationship, and the fact that in that respect and so many more, it's like any  heterosexual relationship.

Also, as well as seeing it from both Mel and Avery's point of views, we follow Nina as she discovers their relationship,  and how it feels to be the odd one out, when your best friends start going out. Nina doesn't have it all easy either - she's dealing with having a long distance relationship, and also keeping up with her position as head of the student council.

Also, I want to give a mention to Parker, who works at a restaurant along with Mel and Avery. Basically, I love him. He's sweet, funny and kind - but I'll let you learn how he fits into the story yourself!

The only thing that ever annoyed me in the story, is a couple of choices Nina makes about her relationship. Really though, that's completely personal, and a different reader may feel that they understand the final choice she makes.

The pacing of this book is, of course, brilliant, as is the writing style. I always sit down with a book by Maureen Johnson and then don't get up again before I'm finished! She manages to keep humor and laughter right on the surface, yet can quickly change in an instant to deal with the more serious and difficult scenes.

Final verdict
Incredibly funny, yet highly thought provoking, this book doesn't shy away from the confusion and conflict surrounding a homosexual relation ship. It highlights the love that can bloom between best friends, and the ways in which love can change the dynamics of friendship, both between those in the relationship, and those who surround it.

About the author
Maureen Johnson has written nine YA books, including 13 LITTLE BLUE ENVELOPES and THE NAME OF THE STAR. She has also written short strories along with other YA authors, for the collections VACATIONS FROM HELL and LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW.

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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Review: Rapture by Lauren Kate

*Warning: This review will contain spoilers for the previous books in the series!* 

The Fallen Series: 
Book One: FALLEN
Book Three: PASSION
Book Four: RAPTURE

First Words
RAPTURE, is the last book in the Fallen series, and in a way I have been putting off writing up this review because now this is it, and the series is officially finished! I've really enjoyed this series over the past few years, and while I feel it's had its had its ups and downs, overall this defiantly my favorite collection of books around fallen angles!

So, what's it about? "The sky is dark with wings . . . and time is running out for Luce and Daniel."*

In order to stop Lucifer from erasing the past, Luce, Daniel and Cam, along with everyone else, must find the place where the fall began.

Finding the place where the fall began will be hard, the answers are lost in the past and they'll have to search hard if they are to find them in time.

But they only have nine days - nine days it will take for Lucifer and the rest of the fallen angels to fall from Haven to earth.

As dark forces gather, great sacrifices are about to be made in this final battle.

"In the fight for Luce, and for love, who will win?"*

Thoughts and opinions I'm a huge lover of this series, and after the twists of PASSION, I was super exited to read RAPTURE.

(Note: Before you read this book, I recommend going back and reading PASSION, as the plot is quite complex and mixed with the previous book!)

Firstly, to the characters. Luce has defiantly developed as a character as the series has gone on, and there are a few times in RAPTURE where she must really toughen up. Now that she can remember things from her previous lives, her and Daniel can share memories of there old lives together, which are always enjoyable to read about! Daniel stays the same as he always has, and his love for Luce does shine through in this story. Together, I think they are brilliant.

We finally learn in RAPTURE the reason Daniel fell, and also the reason behind the curse. This was just brilliant! There is so much more I want to say about this, but I really can't, although I will say how much more it makes me accept, believe in and finally understand the love that sparks between Luce and Daniel.

I struggled a little with the pacing, and there were parts at the start and in the middle that I felt were a little slow, and also a little repetitive. However, these are easily shadowed by the rest of the story, and the intensity that increases as it progresses!

Final verdict 
Tense, action packed and a final twist that will leave you speechless, this is a incredible end to the outstanding Fallen series!

About the author Rapture is Lauren Kate's sixth book. On top of the previous books in the Fallen series, there is also a novella of love stories surrounding the characters in Fallen, named FALLEN IN LOVE. Her debut novel was THE BETRAYAL OF NATALIE HARGROVE.

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*This quote is taken directly from the blurb of RAPTURE.

Review: Struck by Jennifer Bosworth

First WordsThis was a book that I picked up when I was in the YA section of the bookshop. I was drawn in by the name, STRUCK, then the cover captured my attention and then with addition of a short but amazing synopsis on the back - I was hooked!

So, what's it about? 
"My name is Mia Price and I am a Lighting Addict. I want the lightning to find me. I crave it like lungs crave oxygen. Nothing makes you feel more alive than being struck."*

In a world full of natural disasters, Mia Price and her family moved to Los Angeles where the lighting rarely strikes. But now a devastating earthquake has transformed the city into a place full of chaos and danger.

With a younger brother to look out for, and a mother now suffering with Acute Distress Disorder, Mia is left to look out for the whole family.

But now two rival cults are competing for power . . . and both of them want Mia.

With the stunning yet mysterious Jeremy warning her to stay away from the both of them, should she actually be staying away from him?

Mia is about to discover that she is a part of something bigger than she could have ever imagined. . . and she's going to have to give everything if she's going to use her power to save them all.

Thoughts and opinions 
I wanted to love this book, I really did! I think, maybe, I went into it with expectation that were too high, because in a few places I found it a little disappointing.

But first though, lets look at the good points! I thought the concept - that Mia is addicted to lightning - completely brilliant! It's such a unique idea that for a while, the concept of it had me glued to the page and rapt with interest. There were some brilliant scenes, and certain parts were packed full of action, and towards the end the intensity really raised and I found myself reading through really fast so I could see what happened!

The characters where all pretty solid, although at the start I did struggle with reading Mia's voice, because she comes across to me as rather a harsh character. It took me a while to settle into it, but once I had, it did flow nicely.

The problem I had with this book most of all, was Jeremy. Now, I like Jeremy and the romance, because I always enjoy things that aren't randomly spontaneous. That was good, and nice, and I really do love Jeremy as a character. However, I had guessed who he was from before he was even introduced to us or Mia. Which, to be honest, ruined one of the biggest plot twists nearer the end of the book. I thought the hints through out were glaringly obvious, and I would have liked to have had the element of surprise contained for much longer!!

The pacing was okay in this book, it wasn't especially fast, yet it wasn't especially slow either. However, I felt that while many things happened in this book as I was reading it, as soon as it ended, it was as though nothing has really happened at all!

Final verdict 
A unique idea, that only just falls short of its overall potential! Still, an engaging and exiting read, while predictable in places, over all still a book full of excitement.

About the author 
STRUCK is the first novel by Jennifer Bosworth. No news yet on any future publications!

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*This quote is taken directly from the blurb of STRUCK.