Thursday, 24 May 2012

Review: Divergent by Veronica Roth

First words
A friend of mine recommended this book, and as soon I read the description I knew I had to get it! I was most defiantly not disappointed, and its shot up on my 'books I adore' list! This book is like a cross of THE HUNGER GAMES, DELIRIUM and MATCHED. Also, I was SO happy to get a book that comes in at just under 500 pages!!

What's it about?
"One choice decides your friends, defines your beliefs and determines your loyalties ... forever." *

Society is divided into five sections; each holding a different value as the most important. Dauntless believe in bravery; Candor in honesty; Amity in peace; Erudite in knowledge and Abnegation in selflessness.
Tris has been born and raised in Abnegation ; but now she's sixteen and she, along with everyone in her year, must make the choice that will determine the rest of their lives  - which faction will they choose? Will they stay will their families, or will they leave, and transfer to a new way of life forever?

Thoughts and opinions
This is a complete 'read-through-the-night-because-it's-impossible-to-put-down' book!
Firstly, the way the different fractions are portrayed show how different people hold different things in the highest esteem. It shows how we're brought up, does make us act in a certain way, even though to us, it's completely normal, to others it seems strange.
Tris is an amazing character. I found I related to her really easily, and I was completely swept up in her feelings and the changes she goes through from the beginning to the end.
The 'bad-guy/s'  (-I'm not going to name them, as I always prefer to find out who said 'bad-guys' are for myself when I read!-), are written brilliantly - I really did want to reach in and kill them myself! Fury and jealousy are portrayed perfectly, and the fight scenes are full of fast moving action.
Now, the romance! I'm not going to name 'him', but the relationship between the two, progresses at a perfect rate, but the love triangle is there enough for you to start second guessing yourself over who Tris will end up with. Saying that, it's not an frustrating triangle where you feel the girl is playing them both, Tris follows how she really feels the whole way.

Final Verdict 
Thrilling, breath taking and get-your-heart-racing ,I recommend this books to everyone!

About the author
DIVERGENT is the first book by Veronica Roth, with its sequel INSURGENT having been released recently. The third book is currently due out in the Autumn of 2013.

You can visit her blog at:
Follow her on twitter: @veronicaroth
Or buy the book from amazon  here!

* The indicated quote is taken from the blurb of DIVERGENT 

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Review: Skin Deep by Laura Jarratt

First words
I've been meaning to read this book for a while, but have only just got round to doing so. One thing I love about the cover of this book, is how the quote on the back is presented, with certain words being bigger that others; it really grabs your attention. The cover itself is also perfectly fits the story.

So what's it about?
Jenna was in a car with her best friend Lindsey, everyone drinking and smoking, when the car hit a patch of black ice. The car flipped over and caught on fire; Lindsey, and another girl Sophie, died on impact. Jemma escaped; but not before her life had been changed forever. Before Jemma could get out, she was caught in the flames. The right hand side of her face was severely burnt, leaving behind huge scars that can never be healed. With every glance in the mirror reminding her of her of the accident, and every stare in the street reminding her of her looks, she struggles to re-build her life. Until Ryan comes along. A traveling boy who might just be able to help her see, the scars don't define who she is.

"I wanted to say this morning, only you ran off...sorry if I was rude. "You surprised me, that's all. The scar-" he touched his face- "took me by surprise. I didn't mean to be rude." I gaped at him. Nobody ever, ever mentioned the scars.*

Thoughts and opinions
Firstly, I love the ideas behind this story. I strongly believe looks shouldn't be as important as society makes them - it really is all about who the person really is that should matter.  Following Jenna as she comes to terms with the scars, is perfectly done, and I love the fact that Ryan is a traveler, as that's something we don't see very often.
At the start of the book I had one reservation about it, and that was because Ryan is sixteen and Jenna fourteen. Personally, I think those two years make a huge difference at that age, and I thought maybe Jenna could have done with being a little older. However, it works because Jenna has been through so much more than the average fourteen year old. Having her best friend die and coping with having severe scars on her face forever, forces her to grow up deal with the harshness of life and the cruelty of people.
Ryan, is a brilliant character. He is a amazing cross between being kind and loving, yet strong enough to not let anyone get away with disrespecting him, Jenna or his mother.
Jenna and Ryan's relationship and their love for one another, feels very real, and evolves beautifully through out the story. Switching between Ryan and Jenna's perspective works perfectly the whole way through.
But there is more to this story than just their relationship, and it keeps it twisting right up to the last page!

Final verdict
SKIN DEEP captures the wonders and the heat breaks of first love, while leaving a message that will stay in your mind long after you turn the last page; looks really aren't everything.

About the author
SKIN DEEP is Laura Jarratt's first novel. She is currently working on her next book.

You can visit her website here:
Follow her on twitter here: @LauraJarratt
Read her blog here :
or buy the book from amazon here:

*The indicated quote is taken from the blurb of SKIN DEEP / Page 29. 

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Review: Paper Towns by John Green

First words
John Green is my favorite author.
 It's not just because I'm a proud Nerfighter and constant Vlog brothers, Crash Course and Sci Show watcher; it's because he is truly an incredible writer. When you pick up a book written by John Green, you know a few things that are going to happen ;you'll laugh lots; probably cry; be so happy you wish you were there and then possibly have your heart broken. But there's one thing that you'll never guess. You'll never guess the lesson that you'll learn from reading the story. That's what really makes these books special. They ingrain themselves into your brain; they stay with you forever.
PAPER TOWNS is no exception.

What is it about?
When Quentin is nine years old, he and his neighbor Margo, find something in the park.
A dead man.
That night was the last time that Margo tapped on Q's window. Until now. It's nine years later, and only a couple of weeks left until they graduate high school. When Margo climbs into his room and tells Q she needs his car for a night time of revenge, he cautiously agrees to help.
But the next day, Margo's gone. No one knows where she could be, except maybe Q.
She's left clues about her disappearance, and she's left them for him to find.
As Q links up the tail that leads to Margo, he has to ask himself the question; does anyone really know the real Margo at all?

Thought and opinions Firstly, there is something I love about the title PAPER TOWNS. Also, I found the concept of what a paper town really interesting, and I love Margo's speech about them.
Next, Q is a brilliant character. John Green always writes characters beautifully; they are a perfect cross of quick wit and intelligence. I also find his anxiety rather adorable.
The way in which poems and quotes are woven so effortlessly into the book will always be an absolute pleasure.
The story is amazing, it's brilliantly paced and the plot twists and turns so you can never see what is coming next.
It's the ideas in the story that I love though. Q's thoughts on Margo and life and imagination and everything else. They really do stay with you for a long time.

Final verdictFunny, witty and a whole lot of thought provoking, PAPER TOWNS, is a brilliant book for lovers of young adult and elder readers alike.

About the author
Along with his brother Hank Green, he makes half of the Vlogbrothers. His most recent work is THE FAULT IN OUR STARS and previous works are, LOOKING FOR ALASKA and AN ABUNDANCE OF KATHERINES. He also wrote half of WILL GRAYSON, WILL GRAYSON with fellow author, David Levithan.

You can check out his website here:
Follow him on twitter: @realjohngreen
Take a look at Vlogbrothers :
Or Crash Course :
And you can buy the book off amazon here:

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Review: The Hollow by Jessica Verday

First words
I brought THE HOLLOW back in 2009, and it was one of the first YA paranormal romances that I'd read. I really enjoyed it back then, and after reading the last book in the trilogy, THE HIDDEN a short while ago, I decided it was time to go back to one of the places it all began.

What is it about?
Abbey won't believe that her best friend is dead. She can't even begin to believe the rumors that she took her own life.
As she attempts to find any other answer that could explain Kristen's on-going disappearance, she meets Caspian. Kind, mysterious and utterly gorgeous, she finds herself becoming more and more drawn to him.
But then, she discovers the frighting truth of the boy with the striking green eyes, and starts to question everything - including her self.
Has love finally found a boundary even it can not cross?

Thoughts and opinions
Without a doubt, the first thing I need to say about this book is how stunningly lovable, I find Caspian and Abbey.
Sometimes, male leads can be a little 'bad boy' or 'the stunning unreachable boy', which we see time and time again. Of course though, they are used for a reason, and that is because they work , and are popular with readers.
Caspian, however isn't either of these. There's no other words for it - he is just very sweet! Sweet in the 'why isn't there a guy like this' way, and so kind you want him as your best friend. Honestly, you just want to reach in and pull him from the page!
Abbey, is brilliant for a couple of reasons. One; you don't want to kill her. Okay, so that's a tad theatrical, but sometimes reading a book where the guy is very cute and kind, as a reader you don't always feel that the object of their attentions really deserves them. Abbey, however is one of the most likable voices I've read, and you only find your self routing for her.
Secondly, is how believably she acts. Now, talking about believability with books usually annoys me, because it is often used in the context, 'that could never happen', yet they are reading a paranormal, book...
However, I am talking about how the character acts to said situation. Instead of falling into the unbelievable truth she learns about Caspian, she questions everything around her, including her own sanity.
On top of both of these wonderful characters, the story its self twists and turns right up until the very end, leaving you itching for more.

Final verdict
Defiantly one of, possibly even my very favorite, paranormal trilogy. With beautifully written characters, and a story that will pick you up and take you to the town of Sleepy Hollow, it's a must read for all YA paranormal lovers.

About the author
Jessica Verday has also written the following two books in this trilogy, THE HAUNTED and THE HIDDEN.  She is currently working on a new book.

You can visit her website here :
Or her blog here:
And you can buy the book off amazon here:

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Review: Delirium by Lauren Oliver

First Words
I loved Lauren Oliver's first book BEFORE I FALL, and was really exited to read DELIRIUM. I was not disappointed!

What is it about?
Amor Deliria Nervosa.
It's dangerous; deadly even. People loose their minds when they become infected. They do crazy things, all priorities forgotten, their whole life taken up by the disease. Everything revolves around the one who infects them - that is, it did. Then they found the cure.
Amor Deliria Nervosa - love.
The deadliest of all diseases.
We follow Lena as she starts to question everything she has ever been taught.
Can he save her in time?

'Now, I'd rather be infected with love for the tiniest sliver of a second than live a hundred years suffocated by a lie'*

Thoughts and opinions
The first thing that struck me about this book, was the story itself.
Love is often portrayed as such a wonderful thing, something to be cherished and protected at all costs.  To have this as the opposite, was so refreshing. To have love as something that's banned, changes everything. After all, you can't always help who you fall in love with.
I really enjoy Lena as a character, she is likable even among the confusing conflicts that she faces. Considering that she has been brought up believing love is something to be scared of, Lauren Oliver has done an amazing job keeping her both believably nervous, yet strong enough to make her own decisions.   I've actually just finished reading the next book in the series, PANDEMONIUM, and it is equally as brilliant as this first in the series!

Final verdict
Another beautiful story by Lauren Oliver. It's as addictive as the disease it's based upon; once you pick it up, you really won't be able to put it down.

About the author
This book is the first in the series, with the second book being PANDEMONIUM. The final book in the series, REQUIEM, is due out in February 2013. She has also written a spin off book about Lena's best friend - HANA - A DELIRIUM SHORT STORY. Lauren Oliver's other works include the preiviosuly mentioned, BEFORE I FALL, as well as a book for younger readers named LISEL & PO.

Visit her website at:
Check out her blog at:
Follow her on twitter at: @OliverBooks
Get it on amazon:

* The indicated quote is taken from the blurb of DELIRIUM. 

Review: Stolen by Lucy Christopher

First Words
I first brought STOLEN  back in March 2010. Since then, I have re-read it so many times, my copy is now dog eared and the spine permanently bent. To this day, STOLEN is among my favorite books I have ever read.

What is it about?
Gemma is a normal sixteen year old girl. She lives in London with her parents, and we join her as she waits in Bangkok airport. Here, everything will change.
Here, she meets Ty. With his enchanting baby blue eyes and nervous glances, she is drawn in.
How could she have known who he really was? A kidnapper, stealing her away from everything she knows, taking her to 'sand and heat, dirt and danger'*. Someone who will make her question everything she has ever known in her life, someone so wild and yet so human. Someone who doesn't believe he has stolen her from anything; a man who expects her to love him for it.

Thoughts and Opinions
The whole book is written as a letter from Gemma to Ty. There couldn't be a better way for it to be presented. By reading it like this, it captures every emotion and thought perfectly, as she tells Ty exactly what she experienced and how it felt. It doesn't shy away from her moments of feeling terrified - it doesn't shy away from her conflicting feelings either.
On the surface, perhaps STOLEN is a good book. You'll cry at moments, and be scared for Gemma at times and the ending will leave you breathless.
But here is why I think STOLEN is a great book. Like I've said, I have read this book time and time again. I'm not usually big on reading books more that two or three times, they tend to get old; predictable. But this is the thing - STOLEN doesn't . Every time, there's a little bit I didn't notice before. A little word that means a thousand more; an action that means one thing the first time you read it, and a completely different thing the next. Symmetry starts to appear, different words start to carry the weight of the sentence.
The more I read it, the more this book captures me in its spell and refuses to let me go.

Final Verdict
Beautifully written and uniquely wonderful ; this story that will carry you away into the dessert, and leave you there for quite a while after.

About the Author
Lucy Christopher has written one other Novel called, FLYAWAY. She is currently working on her third book.

You can follow her on Twitter at : @LucyCAuthor
Visit her website here:
Or order a copy of Stolen here:

* The indicated quote is taken directly from the blurb of STOLEN.

Starting Reviewing

So YES. I want to start writing book reviews again!

I used to do a lot of it a few years ago, but I trailed off last year. So I'm going to start writing them again, which I'm pretty exited about!

I'm going to make my way through some of the books I already have on my Kindle, and also any new ones that I download along the way.

My aim is to write a Blog one day, and a book review the next, or something similar!  

Keep saying cheese!!!

Jess ^_^