Sunday, 13 May 2012

Review: Paper Towns by John Green

First words
John Green is my favorite author.
 It's not just because I'm a proud Nerfighter and constant Vlog brothers, Crash Course and Sci Show watcher; it's because he is truly an incredible writer. When you pick up a book written by John Green, you know a few things that are going to happen ;you'll laugh lots; probably cry; be so happy you wish you were there and then possibly have your heart broken. But there's one thing that you'll never guess. You'll never guess the lesson that you'll learn from reading the story. That's what really makes these books special. They ingrain themselves into your brain; they stay with you forever.
PAPER TOWNS is no exception.

What is it about?
When Quentin is nine years old, he and his neighbor Margo, find something in the park.
A dead man.
That night was the last time that Margo tapped on Q's window. Until now. It's nine years later, and only a couple of weeks left until they graduate high school. When Margo climbs into his room and tells Q she needs his car for a night time of revenge, he cautiously agrees to help.
But the next day, Margo's gone. No one knows where she could be, except maybe Q.
She's left clues about her disappearance, and she's left them for him to find.
As Q links up the tail that leads to Margo, he has to ask himself the question; does anyone really know the real Margo at all?

Thought and opinions Firstly, there is something I love about the title PAPER TOWNS. Also, I found the concept of what a paper town really interesting, and I love Margo's speech about them.
Next, Q is a brilliant character. John Green always writes characters beautifully; they are a perfect cross of quick wit and intelligence. I also find his anxiety rather adorable.
The way in which poems and quotes are woven so effortlessly into the book will always be an absolute pleasure.
The story is amazing, it's brilliantly paced and the plot twists and turns so you can never see what is coming next.
It's the ideas in the story that I love though. Q's thoughts on Margo and life and imagination and everything else. They really do stay with you for a long time.

Final verdictFunny, witty and a whole lot of thought provoking, PAPER TOWNS, is a brilliant book for lovers of young adult and elder readers alike.

About the author
Along with his brother Hank Green, he makes half of the Vlogbrothers. His most recent work is THE FAULT IN OUR STARS and previous works are, LOOKING FOR ALASKA and AN ABUNDANCE OF KATHERINES. He also wrote half of WILL GRAYSON, WILL GRAYSON with fellow author, David Levithan.

You can check out his website here:
Follow him on twitter: @realjohngreen
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