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Review: Across the Universe by Beth Revis

First words
I've been meaning to read ACROSS THE UNIVERSE for a while, but until now haven't had a chance to do so. This is a Sci-Fi / murder mystery, and I hadn't read any books like this before, and was really looking forward to giving it a go!

So, what's it about?
Stored. Un-moving. Frozen in time for 300 years. Sent out into the depth of the universe. Ready to start again on a new planet. That was the plan.
Fifty years before the spaceship Godspeed is due to land, a seventeen year old girl is woken suddenly, violently and with out warning. It's a murder attempt, and hers is only the beginning. Who would try to kill the people who are there to help build the new planet?
But this is only half the problem. Once Amy is awoken, she can not be frozen again. She's on board a spaceship with her parents still frozen in the chambers below. Alone and afraid, she's named a freak and a outcast by the residents of Godspeed.
Apart from one boy. "He want's to protect her - and more if she'll let him..."*

Thoughts and opinions
I think there's a few different fundamental parts to this book
First; the Sci-Fi parts. I adored them. Godspeed is a brilliant ship, and it's beautifully imageined and incredibly well described. The reasons for Godspeeds creation, the reasons behind the new planet, and the way in which Amy and everyone is frozen, together form the base line of the story. It's done with a precise amount of complexity and simplicity keeping interesting enough to be guessing things for yourself, but simple enough that you don't have to keep flicking back and re-reading everything.
I would say the romance in this is more of a sub-plot, and the story isn't built around it by itself. Saying that, the romance has potential to progress through the next book, and I'd like to see more of it! The next book in the series A MILLION SUNS is out now, and I'm actually really exited about ordering it. Lots of questions are left unanswered at the end of ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, and I defiantly want to see where Amy's relationship goes.
Of the few small things that could possibly be improved on; one) I felt it was a little slow to start, and two) some parts of the 'romance' I thought were a little rushed or un-explanatory / followed up.
Its written from both Amy's point of view, and Elder's. He's due to be the next leader of Godspeed, and through him, we learn more about Godspeed and how the people are managed. He is brilliantly written; strong but unsure of himself, and trying to think desperately how to show Amy that Godspeed isn't as bad as she thinks it is.

Final verdict
A exiting, imaginative and fast-paced, debut novel by Beth Revis, that's made me want to read some more Sci-Fi -  it will leave you waiting for the next book with bated breath!

About the author
This is Beth Revis's first novel, and the next book in the series is A MILLION SUNS. The final book, SHADES OF EARTH, is due to be released in early 2013.

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*The indicated quote is taken from the blurb of ACROSS THE UNIVERSE. 

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  1. Great review! I have this book on my kindle waiting to be read...:)
    Glad you enjoyed it!